Activated bauxite-AD01

Activated Bauxite is most suitable to remove colour and odour by removing unsaturated hydrocarbon, Sulphur, VOC and Polar compounds in following re-refining applications.

  • Lubricants
  • Motor Oil
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Edible Oil

Activated Bauxite is Preferred over clay and Fuller’s earth in order to get superior product quality in most adsorption based applications. Activated Bauxite based oil polishing unit has several benefits like Low fixed cost, lower operating costs, lower refill costs, can be sold in modular units (making it convenient to small re-refiners and/or end users).

We are the only Indian Activated Bauxite supplier and oil polishing unit together.

Innovative PetroChem

Salient features of Activated Bauxite:

  • Has natural adsorptive capabilities which allow it to capture particulates and chemical products.
  • Once the bauxite is saturated, it can be regenerated (in situ) and reused many times.
  • Well suited for small applications.
  • The process is fundamentally capable of achieving Group II quality, but at the expense of low rates or high bauxite use. It is usually used to make Group I oils

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