Transformer Oil Adsorbent-AD03

Our Premium adsorbent AD03 is developed for Transformer Oil polishing unit for colour and odour removal.

Salient Features:

  • AD03 can be used more than 150 times by in-situ reactivation in IPI’s TPU.
  • Premium product at best price.
  • Very less oil loss I.e. less than 2% by using our AD03
  • AD03 looks like sand after complete life as it would be volatile hydrocarbon free.
  • AD03 is the perfect replacement of Clay with several added Quality benefits.

Innovative PetroChem India

Transformer oil Polishing Unit-TPU: IPI’s Transformer oil polishing unit is best to reclamation of the oil to regain its lost properties for re-use.

Our Transformer oil adsorbent AD03 is developed for transformer oil reclamation. Please see below performance

SL Description Before Reclamation After Reclamation
1 Dielectric Strength  Av.=10.30 Av.=65.30
2 Neutralization Test 0.07 0.01
3 Tan Delta at 90c 13.52% 0.02%
4 Water Content 200PPM 5PPM
5 Resistivity at 90c 0.5X1011 1.5X1014
6 Dielectric Constant 1.64 2.04
7 Specific Gravity 0.856 0.859
8 Viscosity at 40 deg c 9.5 CST 8.9 CST
9 Flash Point 136c 152c
10 Colour ASTM (D-1500) 6(+) 0.5(-)

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