Innovative PetroChem India

Innovative PetroChem India has been Manufacturing Bauxite based adsorbents since December 2015. In very short span of time we have established our presence globally. We are proudly maintaining, and meeting the customers’ expectations.

Since April 2017, we have been manufacturing different kind of media based oil polishing unit to reduce the colour and odour from different kind of oils i.e. Distilled lube oil, Transformer oil, Wax, Edible oil, Diesel etc. Our polishing unit is most economical and cost effective for guaranteed. We are the only manufacturer of media and oil polishing unit together in ASIA region.

Since March 2018, we have been manufacturing adsorbent based wax polishing unit to reduce colour and odour from different kind of waxes.

Innovative Group is also focused in Agriculture sector to promote Organic farming and Gardening. Hence, we have developed the Organic fertilizer of an unique formulation. This is again a very Innovative product and we are the only company who is giving such option to the end user. We are about to launch the product commercially in the market.


Why Innovative PetroChem India?

  •  Best Quality and Value for Money.
  •  Experienced and best technical know how.
  •  Better Quality Control.
  •  Believe in delivering the promises.
  •  Good knowledge of Refinery and Re-refinery.
  •  Delighting the customer.
  •  An ISO and CE Certified Company.

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